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Project Description


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About Project

Magesh & Buntus Builders – a contractor was awarded the job of executing the refurbishment of classrooms, bathrooms and school grounds of Xolani Primary School located in Gugulethu, Cape Town.

The condition of the school building and grounds had deteriorated over the years and was starting to affect the safety of learners. Also, the conditions were not ideal for a productive learning environment.

The project commenced in May 2017 and the contractor sourced his building material and utilized hiring services from Chwai.

Project Challenge/ Objective

  • Storage Facility and office space

  • Sanitation

  • Duration of the project was being undertaken during school hours

What We Did

Chwai provided building material to the contractor on 30-day payment terms to allow the contractor to have efficient material to execute all the various phases of the project without having to worry about cash flow issues.

A storage container was brought onsite to assist with material storing and to provide office space for the Health and Safety officer and staff.

Sanitation was a major hurdle come the time for the demolition of the bathrooms. The contractor used our toilet hiring service for the duration of the bathrooms construction.

Because the project was carried out during school hours this posed a challenge as we had to manage the project very closely with the school not only to ensure safety of the learners around the building sites, but also to facilitate a conducive learning environment for the learners with the changing of classrooms and painting etc.

Chwai offered a skip bins for hiring for the collection of rubble onsite.

The Result

The Xolani Primary school grounds and building received a complete facelift. The refurbishments of the classrooms was a crowd pleaser to all the teachers, while the learners enjoyed their new playing ground facilities.

The project was completed within the deadline. A great partnership between Chwai and Magesh & Buntus Builders.

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