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Sisonke PHP Project

About Project

Masiqhame 28CC bulding contractor was awarded the project of constructing 200 low cost houses in the location of Wallacedene in Kraaifontein, Cape Town.

The project envolved the construction of foundations, wall plates, roofing and house fixtures.

The building of low costs houses of such high volumes is executed in phases. To commence the project the client, in this case, the City of Cape Town allocates a certain number of houses at a given time to get the project started.  This is done in order to factor the current living conditions of the house recipients and their relocation while the project is underway.

The project thus entailed removing current shack and informal structures and clearing the land in order to begin the project of the allocated houses.

The project commenced in August 2017 and the contractor required project management services of Chwai and sourced building material and power tools from Chwai as well.

Project Challenge/ Objective

  • Finding alternative accommodation for people currently living on the land

  • Ensuring safety and security of the locals in the area while construction is underway.

What We Did

Chwai provided building material to the contractor on 30-day payment terms to allow the contractor to have efficient material to execute all the various phases of the project without having to worry about cash flow issues.

For this project, Masiqhame 28CC relied heavily on Chwai’s Project Management services. Looking at the first allocated batch of 20 houses, working together with the client, Chwai started the planning phase of the project to allocate budget, resources, set out deadlines and pre-empt any risks and hurdles for the duration of the project.

Chwai also assisted with regular on-site inspections, quantity surveying and technical know how for measurements etc in order to facilitate the planning for each project phase and ordering of building material and tools for the site and storage thereof.

The Result

Through collaborative teamwork with the contractor, accurate forecasting and planning was executed timeously and the project was completed accordingly and within deadline.

Completion of the houses is always a great achievement for all involved and Chwai is always proud to have been a part of the change and carrying out our values of building lives and communities.

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