Chwai – Building Lives, Communities and Africa

//Chwai – Building Lives, Communities and Africa

Chwai – Building Lives, Communities and Africa

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Chwai is the company leading innovative solutions to aid black-owned construction companies to thrive in South Africa’s current infrastructure. Current concerns about large construction companies’ financial ability to take on massive projects, could pave the way for smaller construction companies to bridge the gap.

Clive Rumsey, a construction law expert at Hogan Lovells believes that middle-tier black-owned companies have the opportunity to benefit from the disintegration of large construction companies and improve the country’s infrastructure.

This is the exact need that Chwai fills. Their implementation of smart solutions in their project and trading tiers are aimed at reducing financial pressure in the construction industry through supplying contractors with building supplies, materials, products and a variety of support services.
The reduction of financial pressure is an issue outlined in a case study below, published by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). It states: ‘In order to derive the maximum benefit from the available budget for infrastructure spend, it is important to contain the costs of infrastructure and to reduce any pressure on the available financial resources to fund government’s infrastructure programme.

The five primary factors that contribute to construction cost are: construction work items, resource factors, project factors, stakeholder requirements and macroeconomic factors. Chwai’s services are designed to streamline these issues and reduce costs.

To bolster this vision, Chwai’s Projects tier is dedicated to establishing partnerships with government, NGOs and the private sector to expand their unique solutions strategy. By partnering with Chwai, there is an opportunity to work together and find a shared solution to reduce financial stress present in the construction industry.

To further their services to the construction industry, Chwai plans to introduce an additional three tiers: investment, technology and a foundation.
Chwai was formed in 2009 and operates primarily as a construction support services company, as well as, a supplier of building material and associated hardware products to master builders, building contractors, home improvers and private developers.

Chwai is devoted to building lives, building communities and building Africa.

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